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How to Compete with Other Homes for Sale in Miami, FL

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When planning on selling your Florida home in today’s distressed market, bear in mind that you are competing with other homes for sale in Miami, FL. Most of the time, they are short sales and there are also others that are bank owned. You can easily find that there are properties that are poor in condition, but there are also others that are quite decent. Due to this fact, it may be hard to beat the other homes in the market.

The big thing to remember is that these types of properties can’t compete with even a decently-staged home, much less a well-staged home. However, since these properties sell at a discount to the market, it is important to keep your staging costs to a minimum to avoid driving up the price of your home.

In my experience of selling and buying homes, I have learned that staging has a very essential rule. You are trying to help potential buyers feel right away that your home can become their castle. To do this, just remember the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.


Light, bright homes for sale in Miami, FL with neutral colors and a few colorful accents appeal to more buyers. Bold, vivid colors may be more “you”, but remember that you’re trying to provide more of a “blank canvas” that a potential buyer finds attractive now, but can also visualize making their own.


Ever heard the expression “the silence was deafening” or “quiet as a tomb”? Well, walking into a totally-silent home can be like that – possibly eerie or oppressive, but rarely welcoming. Leave some soft, light music playing to help provide a tranquil, inviting ambiance.


Make sure to avoid any strong aromas. Of course it makes sense to make sure noxious smells like pet odors, last night’s fish dinner or poker-game cigars are not the first thing to hit a potential buyer as they enter your home – but don’t forget that exotic incense, heavy florals and even cleanser smells can be offensive to many. Make sure your home is aired out well, and then provide simple, clean, subtle aromas with the restrained use of potpourri or air fresheners.


Could a plate of fresh-baked cookies entice a buyer? Maybe, maybe not – but it would certainly make your home more memorable than the other homes for sale in Miami, FL.


Physical comfort is important. Remember that “Ah!” feeling you get when you walk into a cool building, getting out of the heat of summer? Any Realtor showing your home – and any potential buyer – is going to be much more comfortable in your home if your AC is set appropriately. Be careful not to over-cool (or over-heat!) but do try to make your home feel comfortable to visitors.

Today’s market can be a great time to sell, but keep in mind the competition. Proper staging can make your home feel like someone else’s next castle, so remember – think about the five senses! Thinking of selling your home in this area of Florida? Why not give us a call to help get you started today?

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