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Real Estate For Sale in Miami, FL During Winter: Can You Do It?

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It’s a fact that most homes are sold between March and November. Does that mean you should take your home off the market during December, January and February? Many people with real estate for sale in Miami, FL do, which only adds to the fact that less homes are sold during the winter.

There are several reasons why other sellers feel the need to take their home off the market in winter. One, of course, is the perception that it just won’t sell. Another reason is sellers are entertaining at home or too busy during these months and don’t want to be “bothered” with showings.

The total inventory of real estate for sale in Miami, FL and condos on the market drops about 20% during the winter months. This means in the worst months, more than half of sales are made compared to the best months, with only 80% of the inventory. So the odds of a sale are less in the winter months, but still far too good to ignore.

We now know that more than half the sales of the best months are generated in the winter, but with far less than half of the showings. Why? In general, winter “lookers” are more serious buyers than the curious summer “lookers”. So even though the odds of a sale in winter are less than in the summer in total, the odds that a particular winter showing will generate a sale as actually greater.

If your home is off the market, you have no chance of getting a sale. If your home is on the market during the worst three months of the year, you still have about a 70% chance of getting a sale as compared to the best three months of the year. There are births, divorces, deaths, relocations and other reasons people move all year long.

Now that we know your home can easily sell during winter months, what about the inconvenience of your busy holiday schedule? There will be fewer showings, but the buyers are more serious. If you are out at parties, your real estate for sale in Miami, FL can still be shown. If the party is at your house or it’s a holiday, you can ask the buyer to see the home another time. Sure there is a slight possibility that the buyer won’t be able to reschedule, but at least you know who is interested and your agent will follow-up with the buyer or buyer’s agent later.

Some potential buyers won’t set up showings during the holidays but they are still looking on the Internet for homes they want to see later. Shouldn’t they find your home there? I would rather turn down a showing than to never know there was someone interested is seeing my home. The odds are much better than the lottery, but you still have to play to win.

For sure, it will be a huge challenge to put your real estate for sale in Miami, FL on the market during winter. If it seems to you that no one wants to buy, you do not have to go anywhere. Here at http://lucnarproperties.com/, we will buy your house with the best possible price despite the condition of the market today.

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